Monday, July 30, 2007

Perfect Impact! Special - Victory Road Post Show '07!

Visit for more! The Perfect Impact! team is still down a member in this cast! Where is Colin? What happened during Victory Road? What rants lie in store for us from Diabolik? How impressed were we with Victory Road as a whole? Tune in to find out!

Direct Download available here.

Everyone have a Bacon Day!

Perfect Impact! Special - Victory Road Pre-Show 07!

Visit for more! The Perfect Impact! team is down a member in this cast! Colin is missing, so it's up to Rich and Diabolik to go over this month's Impact's and cover the Victory Road card. Will we find out what happened to poor Colin? Tune in to find out!

Direct Download available here.

Everyone have a Perfect Day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In Memory of Chris Benoit and Family...

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the extended family of Chris Benoit...

Perfect Impact!'s Diabolik and Rich speak up, and share their reactions to this tragic news.

We'll miss you Chris...

Direct Download available here.

Look back for Colin's reaction post coming very soon...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Perfect Impact!'s Colin is thinking, to Roll, or not to Rolling Thunder?

Yo guys, it's Colin! I've been all over these wrestling rumour sites looking for new things that involve our dear TNA Wrestling. I keep seeing the bits about the possibility of Rob Van Dam making a debut, and the possible return of Sabu. It begs the question, is this a good thing for TNA? I, myself wouldn't mind the Rolling Thunder making it's it way to TNA. I think it's a great forum for them to showcase all of their high flying action, and would be a great addition to TNA's X-Division. Now we must turn the tables, and ask you, out fellow TNA Fans what you think? So take it away, and look out for a new cast coming soon!

- Colin

Pics Straight from the floor at Slamiversary '07!! (Part Ten)

Christian walking up the ramp after the match.

Pics Straight from the floor at Slamiversary '07!! (Part Nine)

Joe taking either Christian or AJ off the ladder.
Chris Harris trying to hang the belt and become TNA Champion.
Aj Styles about to leap off the penalty box onto some people.
Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in a crazy action sequence I call AJ Flying off the box.

Angle hangs the belt and becomes the first TNA World Heavy Weight Champ.

Pics Straight from the floor at Slamiversary '07!! (Part Eight)

AJ Styles heading to the ring for the King of the Mountain Match, with the back of Diabolik's head tking up most of the picture.

Samoa Joe heading to the ring.

Mr Peep Zone heading to the ring.
And of course Kurt Angle. Somehow we missed a picture of Chris Harris.

Joe is in the ring with someone. I can't remember who. I thought they were going to do something cool. And they did, about 1 second after I took this picture.

Pics Straight from the floor at Slamiversary '07!! (Part Seven)

Christopher Daniels taking that annoying hood off his head in a dramatic way. Why do you bother to put it on just to take it off?
This is a picture of Sting coming from the rafters. Or a gorilla in it's natural habitat. I can't tell.
By far the best picture I took all night. Abyss and his pyro.
Tomko heading up a ladder. Convience!
Abyss scaling the scaffolding. Granted there was another ladder, but Abyss just needed to do it the hard way I guess.
Abyss jumping off the scafolding onto Tomko.
Tomko literally 5 feet from me.
And abyss crawling 5 feet from me.
The Wildcat Chris Harris' pyro. It was fairly bright.
And the long awaited 5th member of the King of the Mountain match, Chris Harris.

Pics Straight from the floor at Slamiversary '07!! (Part Six)

And Jay Lethal comes down and gets in Kevin's face. I guess his mentoring is over. If we can really call it that.
The Bashum Brothers team of Bashum and Damaja with Christy Hemme. Unfortunately this is just a display of WWE superstars not making it and being brought to TNA.

The New Age Outlaws VKM coming to the ring.
Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks.
Eric Young looking scared as always.
The Dudley Boys Team 3D coming to the ring.
D-Von walking right past us with a purpose.
Rick Steiner coming to the ring. But who is going to replace his brother in the match?!?!?!

Oh yeah, Animal!

Pics Straight from the floor at Slamiversary '07!! (Part Five)

Is it me or does Jerry Lynn look confused as to who the bald guy is?
I never found out who number 93 is. Granted I didn't look very hard. Or at all.
Alex Shelly minus his video recorder.

Mr. Bob Backlund. I must say he looks in great shape despite his age. Maybe he needs to call Flair and give him some tips.
For some reason Kevin Nash came to the ring after Chris Sabin was put in the cross face chicken wing. Now I know the history with Kev and Bob, but I wonder how the announcers explained this.

At least they were coming back to the Kevin Nash, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin alliance thing.