Sunday, May 30, 2010

What did Colin do Today/

  • 01:36 Btw doc halliday pitch the 20 career percto holla #
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Friday, March 12, 2010

What did Colin do Today/

  • 01:08 e whole fing show mr ppv rvd come get some mcmahon #
  • 01:08 Must say the tna stock deff jus went up wit the signing of shannon moore return of sting and jeff hardy and the free agebt signing of m ... #
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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Special Episode 1: The Jan. 4th TNA LiveCast!

The dust comes off of this feed, as we actually have something totally dedicated to TNA to put up on our main Bacon Ice Cream Sundae feed!

What is Bacon Ice Cream Sundae? Well it's the latest podcast from the folks at Bacon Ice Cream Productions, a weekly show that covers a variety of topics, one of which is the comings and goings of TNA Wrestling! Now that Rich and Diabolik are all caught up on the programming, you can expect us to get into some pretty deep analysis and opinions as we watch the weekly show and monthly Pay-Per-Views! So with that said, I'll pass you to the original show description...

Rich, Diabolik and friends watched the Jan 4th Episode of TNA, live! Listen up to the commentary and don't for get to post in the comments!

Also, if you happened to DVR the episode, you can watch along with the commentary, just keep that remote handy, because we fast forward thru some commercials, and rewind a few times as well!


Now go cry to your mothers if you didn't DVR this episode and can't watch along to this special edition!.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What did Colin do Today/

  • 05:25 ing home back to back world series titles #
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What did Colin do Today/

  • 16:39 Thats nice btw to all phils r up 5-0 as they start the road to repeat #
  • 16:40 Yea i hear that keith #
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Perfect Impact Reporting from Lockdown 2009

So we just finished watching Lockdown Live in Philly.

Off the top off my head I can say that the Team 3D match was almost like watching old ECW Dudlet Boys matches. I didn't get fire....but that mattered very little. The match was a brawl but great for getting the crowd into it....

The X-Division match was pretty cool....the IWGP JR Tag Title match was impressive....and Foley winning the title was pretty cool. Especially when Team 3D came out to congratulate him....I'm standing about 30 feet from Team 3D right now.

All in all it was a better than Wrestlemania.

More from the rest of the group later....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perfect Impact Predictions for Lockdown

Ok, Rich Colin and Diabolik are all at Lockdown Live in Philly. And now Diabolik has caught up with all of the TNA Impacts he was behind on so we are going to call out predictions for the show.

IWGP Junior Tag Titles:
Colin: LAX
Rich: No Limit
Diabolik: Motorcity Machine Guns

Knockout Title:
Colin: Awesome Kong
Rich: Awesome Kong
Diabolik: Who the fuck cares?

X-Division Title:
Colin: Suicide
Rich: Suicide
Diabolik: Suicide

TNA / IWGP Tag Team Titles:
Colin: Team 3D
Rich: Team 3D
Diabolik: I want 3D but I think Beer Money Inc

Lethal Lockdown:
Colin: Team Jarrett
Rich: Main Event Mafia
Diabolik: Main Event Mafia

World Heavyweight Title:
Colin: Foley
Rich: Foley
Diabolik: I want Foley but I think Sting

We'll see what happens...

Diabolik's TNA Catch-Up T-Minus 1 Hour!

Watching the Impact that aired on Thursday....

Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney are at the Impact Zone....Why?!?!?!? They showed up to wish Team 3D luck at Lockdown....they had an indy show in the area....

Foley interviewing Cactus Jack is fucking amazing.....Cactus is pissed off at Foley for being lazy....Sting comes out....Sting wants to know if this is an act....MEM music hits and Foley attacks Sting....and he starts asking for random entrance music....

Spike and Balls are attacked by Beer Money.....Team 3D comes in after Balls and Spike are busted open.....they call out Beer Money....they are calling for a Philly Street Fight.....

Angle is out for the main event against a mystery opponent who is.....CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!! And Daniels beats Angle....but Angle wants a different decision because his shoulder was up....and Jarrett does...

Next up is Lockdown....and my predictions....I DID IT!

Diabolik's TNA Catch-Up T-Minus 4:30

Part 2 from March 26....

Foley 'thought' he was protecting the life of Jarrett when he saw Sting with the this mean Foley is not doing Hardcore History anymore? :-(

So the Lethal Lockdown Captain's Gauntlet match results in Angle and Samoa Joe being captains and Joe's team wins the I was right that it was going to be Frontline vs MEM....

Don West is such a fucking MEM mark.....

3 more episodes left with 4.5 hours before Lockdown....