Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Special Episode 1: The Jan. 4th TNA LiveCast!

The dust comes off of this feed, as we actually have something totally dedicated to TNA to put up on our main Bacon Ice Cream Sundae feed!

What is Bacon Ice Cream Sundae? Well it's the latest podcast from the folks at Bacon Ice Cream Productions, a weekly show that covers a variety of topics, one of which is the comings and goings of TNA Wrestling! Now that Rich and Diabolik are all caught up on the programming, you can expect us to get into some pretty deep analysis and opinions as we watch the weekly show and monthly Pay-Per-Views! So with that said, I'll pass you to the original show description...

Rich, Diabolik and friends watched the Jan 4th Episode of TNA, live! Listen up to the commentary and don't for get to post in the comments!

Also, if you happened to DVR the episode, you can watch along with the commentary, just keep that remote handy, because we fast forward thru some commercials, and rewind a few times as well!


Now go cry to your mothers if you didn't DVR this episode and can't watch along to this special edition!.

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